A Writerly Name

A Writerly Name

A writerly name and confusion abounds

Kate Thompson is a writerly name. Google it; you’ll see. My daughter-in-law sent me a photo she took at a Scotland train station that sold books by Kate Thompson. It wasn’t me. My grandson checked out a book from his school library by Kate Thompson. It wasn’t me, either. You see, I’m not alone. There are several.

Just who are all these writers named Kate Thompson?

A British-Irish author also has a writerly name. Kate Thompson writes children’s books, and clarifies on her Wiki not to confuse her with Kate Thompson, the romantic novelist. Apparently, the name confusion is an issue for her, too. One day, I received a glowing book review, but alas, the reader sent it to the wrong Kate Thompson. I wrote back thanking her for writing such a wonderful review, and gave her a link to the correct Kate Thompson. Oh well. There’s also a journalist/author Kate Thompson and a Kate Thompson who writes books about therapeutic journaling. Kate Thompson, the romantic novelist mentioned above, is a former actress, lives in Ireland, and besides romance, writes historical novels under the name of Kate Beaufoy. Well, there’s no confusing her now. 

Who am I?

I’m Kate E Thompson, the E standing for Elizabeth, which, along with my first novel, Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie and my novella, The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Sondiscerns me from the other Kate Thompsons.

Keep on writing glowing book reviews. I’m certain all the Kate Thompsons appreciate them. If you send one to the wrong Kate Thompson, I’m sure it will eventually make it to the writer it was meant for.

Seattle writer, Kate E Thompson, is looking for representation for her second book, a historical novel called A Matter of Principle, a coming of age story set in a bustling 1869 Salt Lake City, Utah. Thompson is also the author of Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie, and a novella, The Asteroid's Daughter and the Serpent Handler's Son. She’s an avid reader, is fond of reading old diaries and letters, and enjoys nothing more than searching through university archives and special collections.

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