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“Kate excels at creating powerful characters. They are flawed, flawed, flawed, often acting horribly. Furthermore, she is an emotive writer, exploring, through her characters, the full range of human emotions.”  

Annalece Hunter Book Review

Watch the trailers, read the synopses and praise for both, the novel, Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie, and the novella, “The Asteroid’s Daughter and the Serpent Handler’s Son”, in the collection, New Halem Tales.

When Noah Cathcart is arrested, Charlee comes to his aid, and they set out to put his life back in order. Will the Bigfoot Code Noah and Charlee penned when they were kids help? A story of friendship, intimacy and the meaning of family.

Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie, a novel, by Kate E Thompson

Noah is married to Grace, the Pinup Girl of pastor’s wives, and they have an 8-year-old son, a 3-legged Chihuahua and a mortgage. So far, Noah’s life has gone to plan. One morning, he is rousted out of bed by his estranged brother, Anthony, asking him to help a friend, “Secret Agent” Mel, move into a shelter before he gets himself arrested. Noah heads to the homeless camp, planning to do a good deed and be home before Grace wakes up. Instead, he ends up in jail.

Grace says he’s going to ruin everything. Why isn’t he sticking to the plan? He has to get back on track and he knows it, but he can’t stop thinking about Secret Agent Mel, or Justice, the accordion player he met in the police van, or the little girl wandering through the homeless camp in panda bear slippers. Or her mother.

Church board members aren’t happy with Noah, and his father is sorely disappointed. Noah’s home life isn’t going any better. Grace isn’t as pious as he thought and his son, Gabe, who sucks his thumb and confides in a ratty, no-eyed rabbit, is in big trouble over what he took to show and tell. Now Anthony wants another favor and this one could threaten Noah’s career and relationship with their father.

Noah’s best friend and fellow Bigfoot Hunter, Charlee Radcliff, who has her own problems, comes to Noah’s aid and they set out to put his life back in order. Will the Bigfoot Code they penned when they were kids help? Or will it take a tragic event to give him the courage to risk his plan and find out who Noah Cathcart is, what he wants out of life and what it takes to be a father, husband, brother, son and pastor. The answer may be closer than he thinks.

Bigfoot Hunters Never Lie is a story of friendship and intimacy, forgiving and forgetting, spiritual awakening and the meaning of family.


“Thompson asks hard questions and lets the reader decide” San Francisco Book Review

“This book is a page turner. Kate’s effortless writing flows and draws you into the story; you’re going to want to keep the pages turning so you can find out what’s going to happen next.” Annalece Hunter

“Kate Thompson does an excellent job giving us characters with flaws, ethical as well as spiritual challenges. A well-told and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading more from this talented writer.” C. T. Graham Amazon Reviewer

“I immediately liked this book. Pastor Noah is such a realistic and relatable character.” foursome Amazon reviewer

“I think it’s an extraordinary feat to keep someone who isn’t interested in religion intrigued in the lives of people who are so focused on it, but Kate Thompson did it flawlessly.” Amanda Scott Goodreads Reviewer

“I loved the relationship between Charlee and Noah. Thompson seems to really understand how to write two best friends. It’s believable and satisfying.” Brett Dent

“When life gets hard the Bigfoot Hunters find out what real friendship means.” Peggy Goodreads review