Destroying Angels attack Utah in 1877 Armed, legged and winged and fully equipped for war describes the dire situation Utah faced in 1877.  “The destroying angels are abroad”, the Deseret News, the local Salt Lake City, Utah, newspaper reported in …

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Did pioneer women wear corsets? I didn’t think much about it until I began researching my second novel, and my protagonist, a 19th century Utah woman, needed dresses and skirts and shoes.

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Another way of looking at history Robert D. Anderson, MD, a psychiatrist, is the author of “Inside the Mind of Joseph Smith”. Through a psychobiography study, another way of looking at history, he offers a fascinating look into Smith’s life, …

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When your imaginary dogs drool. A writer’s life. “Hey Girl nudged Astra in the hip and Good Boy woofed. Astra sighed and she and Matthew looked down at the dogs. They’d gone for their leashes.They held them in their mouths. Their …

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